River Runes

These runes are painted from stones collected in Epping Forest, more precisely in a spot called Kate‘s Cellar. The forest is haunted; by history of druidry and nordic battles, and by the story of Kate herself, a petite witch who used to live in a cave there in the 1300s (where the ‘Cellar’ name comes from). After connecting with the local elementals and receiving their blessing, pebbles were sourced, painted on and crafted into a jute bag, with instructions. It is a one-off signed copy as each set comes from different nature sites and painted separately.

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IMG_8611aKeyword Runic meanings inside leaflet

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DSCF0060aKate’s Cellar at Epping Forest.




Flower Oracle Cards

Based in the British flowers Bach essences system, this 40-card deck helps choosing an essence to take, meditate with the flower healing memory or as a tool for auto-analysis.

They are all hand written and hand drawn by me for when I used to work at Watkins Books in London, helping customers pick essences.

Cards are 11cm x 6cm. A DYI pressed copy is £80 per deck.

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A Tarot set and another oracle set are currently under development to be released in 2020.