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Through the landscape, we shall all find what we seek.
I have been meditating within energy healing practice for two decades. During this time, also traveled half the world, studying, observing and experiencing its cultural heritages.
Did a BA in Fine Arts, got trained as a Feng Shui practitioner, Holistic Naturopath and experienced the Ayahuasca culture in Brazil, whilst becoming an expert in Flower Remedies therapy from various systems from all over the world. Became a Reiki and Karuna Reiki master, whilst studying classical and shamanic homeopathy, later getting a MA in Art History in London, England.
After training as a yoga teacher in India, hiked the Himalayas and learned sound healing in Nepal; learned how to cook a good risotto, whilst practicing Italian roadtripping in Italy; also learned French in Paris, whilst studying art history in French at the Sorbonne.
Lived in Germany and Switzerland studying German, and hiking the Swiss Alps. When in Africa, reconnected with the voodoo culture that was experienced as a regular ceremony when rescuing street cats in Brazil.
More or less based in London since 2001, performed live several times with sound art.
I also read tarot, palms and astrological charts since childhood, and am currently working on a tarot set, as author and artist.
Guiding and teaching meditation every now and then, I practiced meditation throughout all my travels, always trying to connect with places where there was special nature or memory. This includes Tibet, the Amazon, ancient Egyptian temples, MachuPicchu, Saharan Desert, Greece’s Delphi, Tierra del Fuego, Easter Island, Grand Canyon, Bali, Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), Tikal ruins in Guatemala, between tectonic plates in Iceland, and the sacred forest in Benin, amongst many other places.


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‘You will find me within
Latin scientific names
And that’s where I live
In the subconscious of Nature.’

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